Skill and Approach

Do the skills come before the tools? Does the use of the tools help to develop the skills? I suppose a little of both. My father was a superb craftsman, and maybe a little of that skill is because of the genes. I have done woodworking since I was a teenager, but most of my career was spend developing engineering skills and some of those are directly transferable to my business.

I visualize projects from sketches and then drawings that I make. I use AutoCAD to prepare design drawings and working drawings for my projects. My training has led me to be thorough with a design concept, because I have found that the details of an engineering project (or a cabinet) will create problems leading to failure if not considered early. I understand that the written word is essential to communication and try to clearly communicate my specifications and contracts. I learned that schedule commitments for engineering projects must usually mesh with other's schedules, and the same is true for cabinet work.

My stationary tools include:

6" x 13" planers (2)
10" table saws (3)
6" long bed jointer
1/2" spindle shapers (2)
10" radial arm saw
16" band saw
14" band saw
24" over-arm jig saw
12" diameter swingx 48" long wood lathe
12" diameter swing x 24" bed metal lathe
12" disk sander
8" Disk sander and 1" belt sander unit
8" high x 4" diameter spindle sander
4" x 24" horizontal oscillating belt sander
3 hp air compressor

My shop also has a wide range of supporting tooling, measuring tools, portable electric and air tools, traditional hand tools, and lots of clamps.

Space Available

The working shop space is about 650 SF, plus a 10' x 10' office and a full bathroom. Additional available space includes 500 SF in a heated garage and an outside concrete apron. I also rent 400 SF of storage space for old tooling, samples and parts for the Artist's Carry All series of products, and for certain stationary tools and for wood. I have a full-size pickup and a box trailer for transportation needs.

I don't have any one working for me, but have a number of contractors that I can draw upon for special skills. I hire day labor for unusual requirements.

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