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Rosenburg TV Stand Brazillian Cherry Front View

This is a TV Stand for a 60" TV with surround sound and audio listening components.

The TV Stand is made from Jatoba (AKA Brazilian Cherry) solid wood and veneer plywood to match a new floor. The cabinet is 68" wide by 24" deep by 32" high. It rests on 8 leveling glides.

The interior had to be color complient with the components and not visable through the glass so it was stained black. The exterior is a natural lacquer finish. The top is removable for ease of staining the interior, handling and ease of exterior finishing.

Rosenberg TV Stand Doors Open Front View

Requirements included an ability to pass IR signals to components so Greylite 14 glass was used in the doors.

Ventilation was an issue due to the wattage of all of the components so a number of ventilation features were provided. This included the lower front arches and 3" diameter holes in the base under components.

The shelving is adjustible and set on cork pads to isolate vibrations.

Rosenburg TV Stand Back Doors Side View and Ventilation

Ventilation features also included a 4" open space in the back leading to a grill in the top. The grill also serves to pass the TV cables to the wiring space below.

There are three back doors for wiring access with the center one short to allow projection of the processor wiring as required to prevent strain on the connections.

The cable TV, power and speaker connections are from the rear of the space so they could pass underneath the rear of the cabinet, below the doors and up through the 3" diameter holes in the base.

Rosenburg TV Stand End View Doors Open

The rear doors are screwed down after wiring installation to prevent noise from vibrations.

The front doors are held in position by magnetic touch latches.

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