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Montoya play station entertainment center installed front view

Mr. Montoya had a space for his entertainment center limited by a fireplace, window and a chair backing against a low wall. He diligently tried to find a production piece of furniture to fit his space and hold all of his components and media with no luck.

We had three meetings before I could complete detailed shop drawings. We first concluded that it would be possible and where the components would best be located in a cabinet. Then we concluded the general symmetry and look/style. Finally we reviewed preliminary design details, selected the wood species (Cherry) and hardware.

Next, the detailed shop drawings were completed and wood and hardware were ordered.

Montoya play station cabinet front view doors drawers open not installed

The cabinet is 32” high, 50” wide and 21 ¼” deep not including the handles and knobs. It has two doors with Greylite 14 glass panels and two drawers with under drawer center type slides doubled.

The drawer sides, back and bottom are made from Baltic Birch ½” plywood stained to cherry color. The doors are held closed with magnetic touch latches. The cabinet is designed to rest on 3/8”-16 adjustable glides with a nylon base, although these may be fully retracted and the cabinet may rest on just the wooden members if desired for carpet or some other circumstance. There is a center bearing block to take mid span loads.

There are six adjustable shelves resting on cork pads to absorb vibrations.

Montoya cabinet detail of corner face frame and top trim

The cabinet had a 3/4" facing to hide the edge of the plywood. The exposed upper corners had solid wood opposing the edges of the plywood.

The case was given a natural finish using oil and wax.

Montoya entertainment center rear access panel opening The rear wiring space was accessible by removing a snap-in panel
Montoya entertainment center top showing ventilation and cable grill ports The top had a removable grill for ventilation and passage of wiring from the Television
Montoya cabinet plywood framework This is a back view of the cabinet frame showing dado joints and openings to the floor for ventilation and passage of wiring. This provided a 4" deep wiring and ventilation space.


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