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Kyle original entertainment center cabinet

The original entertainment center was nicely built from ponderosa pine and customized to match nearby cabinets.

The original TV was placed on a pullout, rotatable slide. The opening was approximately 68" wide, by 99" high by 30" deep. A replacement TV shown in this picture couldnt't slide beyond the faceframe because of interferrences.

The spaces could be modified to fit a new TV located in the center space and a consolidated audio center in the lower space, but all of the doors and the interior shelving would need to be replaced. It was concluded that a new entertainment center would be more convenient and not much more costly.

Kyle entertainment center cabinet boxes before doors

After several meetings with the client and audio consultant Paul Boileau, a set of detailed shop drawings was completed.

The new entertainment center is made up of three veneer plywood boxes stacked then screwed together. The top cabinet is for storage. The middle cabinet is for the new TV, rear speakers sitting on pedistals, and media storage. The lower cabinet is designed to hold the audio equipment and TV controls.


Kyle entertainment center Installed with doors open showing components and media storage

The three cabinets with the faceframe and doors installed were adjusted in the shop. Then the units were disassembled and reassembled in the client's home with some tailoring of the face frame components to fit the walls and ceiling. The installed unit was painted by others.

There is sufficient depth to the available space so that wiring space is ample. Low voltage wiring comes up from crawel space below and down from the roof. High voltage was resupplied to provide isolated circuits.

Ventilation comes up in front of the kick board and passes to the lower rear of the space. There is no back to the upper storage cabinet so that the design element ports also serve to exhaust heated air.

The lower center doors lift up and slide above the components. The upper and lower left and right doors are fully inset using barrel hinges in keeping with other hardware in the room. The TV doors use flipper door slides and the TV sits on an Accuride heavy duty swivel slide unit.

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