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Ingalls Installed Entertainment Center front and side view

Paul Boileau came to me with the Ingalls requirements for a custom cabinet to house high end stereo equipment and provide a stand for their new TV.

The space was limited with a doorway to the right and the fireplace to the left. Their home is a charming historic adobe in Santa Fe. The cabinet is made of cherry veneer and solid cherry to compliment nearby furniture and has a panel detail in keeping with the style of the home.

The design is tailored to specific components and speakers with an emphasis on ventilation and ease of wiring.

Ingalls entertainment center showing open bays and turntable tray front and side view

The overall cabinet size is 47 3/4” wide by 22” deep by 35” high.  It has a rear port for wiring and open holes for ventilation.  There are 7 component bays including one pull-out shelf for a phonograph.  There two spaces for speakers. The speakers rest on brass cones to limit conductive vibrations.


Ingalls entertainment center showing rear view with access panel and ventilation

The rear port is for access to the back of the components for wiring. Cables can be brought into and out of the cabinet through the lower ventilation ports.

The row of upper ventilation holes is in lieu of a grill on the top which was not necessary since there is a small nicho behind the cabinet for the cables.

The cabinet sits on four leveling glides, adjustible from the inside of the cabinet.

Ingalls entertainment center showing cabinet details and santa fe styling

This detail shows the side panel is made from bookmatched veneers and solid wooden parts that reflect the front and side details.

The top veneer has a striking detail that shows well with a special stain followed by natural oils and a waxed finish. The top is edged with solid wood to give more weight to the look of the front and cover the edge of the plywood.

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