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Pair of Japanese designed headboards for full sized beds showing details from Honduras Mahogany

This a pair of matching headboards made for full size beds. They were made from Honduras mahogany and the rails and styles are 1" thick. The spindles are 1 1/4" wide by 3/4" thick. The overall height is 45" and the overall width is 54 1/4". Mortise and and tenon joints for the rails and styles were glued. The spindle tenons were fit into mortises in the rails but were not glued. After sanding the wood was finished with Bio shield natural oil and sealer.

These headboards mount to metal bed frames and are not designed to carry weight This pleasant design was created by Taco Hironaka.

Headboard from Honduras mahogany showing full sized bed made up with bolder design and details

This naturally-finished Honduras mahogany headboard was also made for a full sized bed. Taco's design was modified to produce a headboard that could be disassembled for shipping and of course assembled with no glue. As a result the lightness was replaced by a more massive look. The styles are 1 1/2" thick and the rails remain 1" thick. The spindles also remain 1 1/4" wide by 3/4" thick. The overall height is 47" and the overall width is 54 3/4"

The additional style thickness allowed space for assembly hardware accessible from the back There were two matching headboards made and were mounted on metal bed frames. However, this design could be converted into a bed with wooden rails and a footboard and made in a queen or king size.

Walnut headboard for king size bed with random width boards and raised dividers This headboard is made for a king size bed to match the style of a nearby dresser also made from black walnut. The panel is 18" high by 74" wide and has a 5" bow in the center. The bow was achieved by gluing the walnut solid wood to a plywood backing. The solid wood shrinks over time in a dry climate, but the plywood doesn't and pulls the back into a gentle curve.
Walnut headboard for king size water bed with varied width and thickness strips

This headboard was made from black walnut scraps, resawn, sanded and placed for contrasting appearance. The pieces are placed on a plywood backing, however the headboard has not bowed very much since the tack of the glue was not as strong and some movement was allowed.

It is part of a king size water bed - see the for sale page.

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