ABOUT US - Steven Bradley's Biography

The misty past:

Born and raised in San Jose, California
Graduated in 1956 from Willow Glen High School, San Jose, CA
Graduated in 1961 from San Jose State University, BS Industrial Engineering
US Army, 1961 to 1963 (Specialist 4th Class)
Married in 1962. Our daughter was born in 1972

The professional engineering past:

Engineering work, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville Alabama (U.S. Army)
Industrial Engineering, International Harvester (1964-1965)
Industrial Engineering and Facility Planning for government and commercial clients including:
US Navy, US Army, DOE, San Francisco Bay government agencys, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Mining, Polution Control, Transportation Agencys, and others while working for Kaiser Engineers (1965 to 1992)
Systems Engineer for Tech² Systems and Design, Inc., Santa Fe, NM (1995-1997)
Mechanical Engineering for Fluor Daniel, Española, NM (1997-1998)
Cost Estimating for Commodore Advanced Sciences, Inc., Los Alamos, NM(1999)

Cabinet-Work Related History:

California to 1992:

Bedroom book shelves and dresser-Dad's tools in high school
Hope Chest- Dad's tools after college
In 1969 became a homeowner with small basement & garage shop to contain tools purchased, inherited from my grandfather, and given to me by my father. Subsequent projects include:
Water bed
Walnut bench for bedroom
Walnut end table lamp bases
Bunk bed for daughter
Shelf unit for daughter
Walnut Headboard for bedroom
Drop boards for sailboat
Mahogany frames for sailboat
Teak Rub Rails and Toe Rails for sailboat
Portable kitchen for sail maker
Dresser for my wife
Kitchen cabinets for home
Wide range of carpentry projects for home including redwood deck, porch structure, wainscotings, panels, storage systems, etc.

New Mexico 1992 to date:

After my father's death in 1983, I stored his tools and moved them to New Mexico in 1992, where I built a house with an attached shop. The shop now contains my tools, my father's and grandfather's tools. I keep certain tools in a storage unit where I can bring them into my shop or use them there as necessary.

During construction of the house, I designed and directly supervised or made all the cabinets in the house, all of the carvings and the outside gates, handrails and railings.

Since reestablishing Bradley's Cabinet Shop in Santa Fe, I have made a number of items for business clients, friends and family as well as some furniture for our home.

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