Other Woodwork - Additional Amavi Bar Furniture
Amavi Bar Furniture

In 2009 I was asked by Amavi's owner to create more furniture for their bar. We worked together to design a stem glass rack hung on a beam over the bar counter, a shelving unit for ready glasses and a shallow two-shelf unit to display wine bottles.

The wood and stain selected was the same as the bottle stage to the left.

Stem Glass Rack Front View

The stem glass rack was needed to get the ready stem glasses out of the way. This unit is 48" wide by 18" deep. The height from the dowels to the supporting beam is 9 1/2".

The plane side faces the customers and exposes the cherry 1/4" dowel pins used to secure the top assembly. Cherry 1/2" dowels were used for the nine stem glass alleys. The wood is solid alder joined to one rectangle of alder plywood used to screw the unit to the beam.

The unit was stained and then covered with a several coats of wipe-on polyurathane which smoothes nicely.

Stem Glass Rack Side View This shows the side view of the stem glass rack
Bar Glass Storage Shelving Unit

The lower shelves of this ready-glass storage unit was designed for glasses and the top shelf for display/storage of wine or liquor bottles. The unit is 28" wide by 38" high by 10 3/4" deep and was sized for a space above the bar faucet to the height of the beam.

The wood was to match other solid alder in the bar area. However, the width of the back required 3/4" plywood for practical reasons and to assure stability. So plywood was used for the sides as well. A sheet of clear veneer alder was located to keep the weight down. The edges have a 1/2" sold alder facing on the corners and the front face.

The front face stops the tempered glass shelves. The sides and back have grooves to support the shelves. The shelves are inserted into the grooves before the back is screwed to the sides. The unit is hung on the wall by screws through the back into plastic anchors placed in the plaster/adobe wall.

The unit was stained to match the other bar furniture and sprayed with semi-gloss lacquer.

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